Internet Explorer Update

November 16th, 2011

Just over a year ago we posted a blog article about why we were ditching flash and with that went support for book view in Internet Explorer. Today I’m happy to announce that AlbumExposure now supports book view in Internet Explorer 9.  If your client is using IE 8 or less, they’ll simply be redirected to slideshow view when book view is your default.  Clients using IE 8 or less are still able to review albums and post comments, just only in slideshow view.

If you’re using IE 9 on the backend, things might still look a little off due to IE 9’s lack of support for css3 and html5 video, but should work regardless.  We of course still recommend Firefox or Chrome for using the backend of AlbumExposure on Windows, but IE 9 should work if you prefer it.