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Mike Larson PUG Tour

January 6th, 2010

larsonHappy new year everyone!  We’re really excited about the first quarter plans that we have for AlbumExposure and can’t wait to see what this new year is going to bring :)

Make sure you catch Mike Larson this month on his Pictage User Group tour speaking about client relationships, the industry, workflow (including AE :) ) and more!

We’re so happy to have Mike on board as an AlbumExposure user and supporter!

Find out more about Mike at, follow him on twitter at @mikelarsoninc, and see all his speaking dates at

New Blog

August 13th, 2009


Well, it looks mostly the same because we’re using the same theme, but we’re now running wordpress here.  We’ve had a lot of success at ELEVATION setting up and customizing wordpress for several of our clients, so it was time to migrate one of our own blogs over.

Most of the links seem to have translated nicely, but if you find a broken one, drop us a comment :)

Talk Back.

November 10th, 2008

We want to hear from you.

We’re working on new features for AlbumExposure and we want to hear what you think. Tell us what you love about AlbumExposure, tell us what you hate. Tell us what you wish were different or available to you. Tell us why you decided to pay for it or why you decided not to.

Email us at
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